7 Important Questions to Ask When Selecting Commercial Cleaning Services.

According to the Scottish mythology, there was a fairy, known as a brownie which could enter people’s homes and clean them. It’s quite ironic how most people like working and living in clean places but only a couple enjoys cleaning.

In modern times, commercial cleaning services have taken precedence. They offer cleaning services at home and offices at a fee. Before hiring a commercial cleaning company, here are seven pertinent questions you need to ask yourselves for a better cleaning experience.

What are the Rates?

Be eager to know their rates. Don’t ask only about the rates but dig for more information on why they are charging such rates. This will give you an overview of the kind of services you are likely to receive.

Know whether they have cleaning packages that can satisfy your cleaning needs. Ask them about the number of employees who will be assigned to work on your establishment? How Do You Perform Background Checks on Your Employees? . The turnover rates in commercial cleaning companies are high because not many people like cleaning. Hiring a commercial cleaning service company means you are allowing strangers to get access to your privacy and property. Even the ones who work with commercial cleaning services are there to get the money and quit. Ask them on how they carry out their background checks on their employees. Some shady characters may use the chance of a cleaning service company in order to access other people’s information and steal from them.

Ask Them Whether They Are Insured?

In case some of the employees of the commercial cleaning services steal something from your establishment, it is worth knowing whether you are financially secured. Ascertain whether the company has an insurance policy to cover you from any financial loss as a result of any ill-act of their employees.

Who Offers The Cleaning Equipment?

One sad truth is that some cleaning services advertise very appealing service prices. Some commercial cleaning services offer cheaper cleaning services in order to attract customers. However, after hiring them, one realizes they are the ones to provide the cleaning supplies.

If you are the one to provide the cleaning equipment, then it is financially viable to hire a cleaner to keep on staff. If you choose to do so, then simply start with the carpets. For information on cleaning carpets get a write-up from Bissell Big Green Commercial.

Do They Provide a Contract?

To avoid any future disagreements, there is need to operate with a duly signed contract. Ask the business whether they operate on a contractual basis. If they don’t want to operate on a contract, then that should be a put-off.

How long has the Company Been in Business?

In as much as new commercial cleaning services may offer good rates, they may not be necessarily the best. Companies which have been in the trade for some time have the essential abilities to offer the best cleaning solutions.

Ask the business on how long they have been offering cleaning services? However, do not choose a company solely based on the period of time they have been in operation. You can as well choose a new company in order to support small businesses.

Know More about the Company’s Employees.

Know about the character, training and possibly where the employees of the industrial cleaning business come from. If you find that the commercial cleaning services has been working for a long time but all their employees are new, then something might be wrong.

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