What you Need to do For a Wireless Router to Work

Fast internet is now something we cannot do without. A business would suffer great losses if its internet connections were slow. You therefore need to buy a new faster router. After buying it, you need to set it up. You need to follow a simplified guideline in doing it.

You need to place the router at a place where all your devices see it. Make sure it is not sitting in a Wi-Fi dead spot. If this is the case, you shall need a cable to connect it to the gateway ethernet port. Alternatively, you can opt for the more elegant mesh-style router. It is achieved when a node if at the gateway, then the rest are placed all over the house. This way, all corners are covered by the network. You can be informed more at the Router Login Netgear website. The router needs to be on a flat surface or table all the while.

You need to work on a gateway. Some routers will come with a WAN port for connecting to a gateway preconfigured. For others, they shall pick form those available and assign them as WAN or LAN. You need to start off by disabling the current router. Do so even for one in the modem. This is how you stop two routers from competing. When they do, you might not manage to set up meshwork. Find the gateway’s IP address, enter it into a web browser to get to its configuration page. Find the allocation mode tab and choose passthrough option. Those who cannot see this need to call their ISP. You may be blocked from it. You should then turn off the modem’s Wi-Fi access point. There is no need to leave it on. The gateway then needs to change.

You then join the gateway to the new router. While still off, you need to connect it with an Ethernet cable, from its LAN port to the router’s WAN port. Then connect your PC to the router and the phone line to the modem. Start the gateway. Exercise patience, as it might take time to react. Turn on the router next, and wait.

You should then change the admin password on the wireless router. There might be a smartphone app that shall make it easier for you. If not, use the browser-based option. Enter the router’s IP address and you’ll see what you need. You can use the supplied admin username and password. Follow this by a changing the password. Keep it safe.

Update its firmware. It could be out of date. Normally, it checks for an update directly. You can reboot it after it finishes. You should then set up a Wi-Fi network password. There shall be a connectivity tab for you to do this. You should rely on the WAP2 encryption, seeing as the WEP option is not adequate for this.

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