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Welcome to the Boeing Adventure Gaming Club Website.  Our meetings are held every other Thursday .  See below for our meeting schedule.

For the duration of the B.033 construction, assumed to be through the end of the year, we will plan on meeting in Bldg. 270, "D" Wing, Conference Room 138A.  

Assuming attendees will be arriving from east of B.270, proceed west on McDonnell to Campus Parkway, turn left, about 150 ft later, turn right into the little side street.  Quizzno's will  be ahead on the right.  The entrance to the B.270 parking lot will be on the left.  The "D" wing is the wing that points to Quizzno's, the first one you get to.  Pick your parking place outside the end of the "D" wing.  Walk up to the end of "D" wing.  The door with the badge reader is the one on the left as you approach the building.  Swipe your badge and enter your 4-digit pass code.  Enter the building.  Proceed straight through the stairwell and through the door to the main "D" wing hallway.  The hallway proceeds to the center of B.270.  About 3 of the way down the corridor you will pass restrooms/drinking fountain on your left.  Immediately past that will  be a set of double doors (propped open) on the right, labeled "AV-8B....T45TS".  Turn right, through the doorway.  Conference Room 138A is directly in front of you.

The club is open to all Boeing employees and contractors.  Please contact Mike Guntly with any questions regarding membership eligibility.  Membership is currently $5 a year; membership dues are set during our end of year meeting. 





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